Geometry - Learning the Language of the Universe - Term 1

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Tuesday for Term 1, starting 1st February - 5th April 2022

Ages: 6 - 11 years old. (This is a ‘drop off class’ - no need to stay with your kids)

Price: $60/class - $600 per child for the full term  of 10 classes

Mullum/Myocum Area (address to be confirmed)


Our workshops offer students the opportunity to use their hands in the traditional skills of Geometry with compass and ruler and to explore the connection between geometry nature & the universe.

Students use these tools to construct the building blocks of our universe; The Triangle, Square, Pentagon and Hexagon. These shapes are then used to draw beautiful patterns, often from the Islamic world of art, using the traditional methods.

Students learn how Geometry is the basis for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and the designs of nature… from the microscopic all the way up to the swirling of the galaxies.

We live in more of a visual world than ever before, and it’s with this in mind that I help children learn in a very ‘visual’ and ‘hands-on’ way - in many ways, how Mathematics was taught in antiquity.

Everyday will also include time in nature, the children finding for themselves how geometry presents herself in the natural world (a skill they will take with them for life) All materials supplied; papers, drawing equipment, learning toys, colouring pens & pencils. All drawings can be taken home at the end of each day.

Some feedback:

"Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback about yesterday’s geometry class.

Focused hand activity doesn’t come easily to Stella, yet when she came home she enthusiastically kept on drawing geometric patterns through the evening, she continued to draw and colour while in bed. Today she’s sharing what she learned with our neighbour’s child (in yr. 2).

What ever Nabeel did, he did it well, he sparked Stella’s interest and encouraged a positive mindset. So impressed, please do pass on our feedback to him if you like 😊 "