Astrological Birth Chart (Natal Chart)

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I am currently not painting any new birth charts while i focus on other aspects of my art.

I could be persuaded if your timing happens to be just right, so if you'd still like to enquire about a chart, get in touch via the contact form in the bar above.

Nabeel x 


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A truly unique gift, for yourself or another.

With birth information that you provide me, I hand-paint your chart in gouache using the classic tools of compass and ruling pen, with the symbols painted using woodblock prints for the zodiac & planetary signs.

Your birth chart is made to order and completely personalised, with a choice of over 20+ colours of naturally-dyed papers, which I have personally imported from India & Egypt - including traditionally made Egyptian Papyrus.

As well as a beautiful piece of art for your home, I also include a 15-page PDF with an in-depth explanation of your reading, including the meanings behind the imagery.

This is a beautiful gift for anyone keen to learn about not just this very ancient science, but also as an insight into personality and characteristic traits - parts of us which are often unseen in our shadow, but which can have great impact on our personal, business and romantic lives.

Each piece is 30cm x 30cm at standard size, with the option to upgrade to a larger 40cm x 40cm size.

Upon purchasing, you will receive an email asking you for the birth details and a link to choosing the colour for your paper.

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