Geometry Workshop - Eternal Patterns - Wilson's Creek NSW, Saturday 5th Feb 2022

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Class will be held on Saturday 5th Jan 2022 11am - 5pm @ Wilson's Creek, NSW

I'm excited to say that this will be my first full-day workshop in the Northern New South Wales area.

The day will include learning how to use the ancient tools of compass and straight edge, and philosophical conversations about the nature of our reality and how it connects intimately with geometry, both in metaphysical theory as well as physical reality.

We bring both our hearts and our hands into alignment through the practise of these drawings. The topics that we discuss and draw, in my opinion, sit perfectly on the cusp of deep, esoteric ideas and scientific knowledge - bridging a gap that has been present in our culture for far too long.

Our drawings will be inspired by traditional geometry - used to design and construct cathedrals, temples and shrines for aeons, as well as Islamic geometric patterns, the beautiful imagery that has been used to decorate everything from famous mosques, tiles, backgammon boards and so much more.

Limited seats available due to preference of keeping class sizes intimate