'Halves III' - Cyanotype on handmade paper

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A unique cyanotype print of the 'Halves III' design. 

This image has been printed onto handmade paper from India, giving it a beautiful texture. Different papers absorb the colours in different ways, leaving some areas more saturated in colour than others. 

The sizes of the papers are non-standard (not perfect rectangles), so these really are unique pieces.

This particular piece is on a speckled paper, dotted with plant matter throughout.
This print had an interesting wash out, where some of the UV sensitive chemicals didn't wash out fully, so there is different levels of 'fogging' throughout the image.

I was pretty gutted at first, but actually like the irregularity it shows, compare to a perfectly clean bright white print. Maybe you like that too.

Approx size: 219mm x 304mm

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